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bp_parents's Journal

Parenting and Mental Health
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planning and raising families when one (or both) parent has a mental disorder
Parenting, and making the decision to have children, is difficult. It's even more difficult when you have a mental disorder. This community was created as a space for people to come together and share stories, tips, advice, questions, and general commiseration regarding the unique challenges of starting and raising a family when one or more of the parents (or prospective parents) has a mental disorder.

You do not have to be diagnosed as bipolar to become a member. You don't have to have any diagnosis - perhaps your partner has a mental disorder, or a family member does. All perspectives are welcome here.

Your mod is kissyfish1978. If you have any questions, please feel free to message her.

1. Everyone has their own way of caring for themselves and their children, based on their specific situation and needs. There is no one right answer (wouldn't it be great if there was?). This isn't really a guideline, just a reminder.
2. Disrespect will not be tolerated. This includes insults, trolling, and any other form of rude internet conduct. Violators will be warned, and banned if necessary. I really, really don't want to ban people, though. Debate is okay, arguing is iffy, outright rudeness is bad.
3. Those of us with mood disorders may visit this community while depressed or manic. It's okay to post while unstable - that's partly why this community is here. Be aware that posting about certain topics, such as suicidal impulses, can be triggering to others. Use an LJ-cut if you want to talk about a sensitive subject.
4. When all is said and done, the internet is just the internet. Follow up with your doctor or psychiatrist if you have questions about advice given here, particularly with regards to starting or stopping medications.

If you would like your post to be viewable only to other members of the community, be sure to select "friends only" before posting.