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Parenting and Mental Health
Medication and pregnancy/breastfeeding 
9th-Feb-2008 01:53 pm
Medication can interfere with the healthy development of the fetus and be expressed in breast milk. Some people choose to go off their medication in order to safeguard their child. Other people stay on their medication for their own sake, knowing the risks.

Did you take medication during and/or after your pregnancy? If you do/did not take medication during pregnancy or post-childbirth, what effect did that have on your mental health? If you take (or plan to take) medicine post-childbirth, was your child born healthy? Do you breastfeed,  formula-feed, or some combination of the two?
10th-Feb-2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
I have never enjoyed being on meds of any kind, I am the sort who tends not to take a tylenol when I have a headache or have caffeine except once in a blue moon so there was no issue there during my pregnancy but I have to say my binge eating disorder got completely and utterly out of control during my pregnancy and some time afterwards. My daughter is 4 and a half and I just this week managed to hit my pre pregnancy weight (which isn't exactly slender).

My daughter was born healthy but massive at 9pds 13 oz (this is the size of a sack of potatos) and I was induced early for preeclampsia also.. they say preeclampsia robs the baby of nutrients s/he would otherwise be getting so I hate to think how huge she'd have been if she'd been getting all those nutrients and was late rather than early.

I was super pro breastfeeding and breastfed her for 6 months with every single possible problem you can imagine, from nipple confusion, to thrush, to very very low milk production (I'm talkin I could pump one ounce in 2 hours of constant pumping)the doctors said she was failure to thrive, it was terrifying to me and I was basically given an ultimatum, I could supplement with formula or they'd take her from me. The introduction of formula only made our breastfeeding "progress" worse and by 6 months she was giving up on the breast (which is highly unusual) I was sooo distressed about the entire thing I felt like a complete failure.

In retrospect I think I should have been easier on myself, and I may have even had an easier time breastfeeding if I had calmed down trying to be supermom.
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