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Parenting and Mental Health
Medication and pregnancy/breastfeeding 
9th-Feb-2008 01:53 pm
Medication can interfere with the healthy development of the fetus and be expressed in breast milk. Some people choose to go off their medication in order to safeguard their child. Other people stay on their medication for their own sake, knowing the risks.

Did you take medication during and/or after your pregnancy? If you do/did not take medication during pregnancy or post-childbirth, what effect did that have on your mental health? If you take (or plan to take) medicine post-childbirth, was your child born healthy? Do you breastfeed,  formula-feed, or some combination of the two?
10th-Feb-2008 04:02 am (UTC)
I had a toddler and an infant by the time I got into counseling and was diagnosed. When I got on the right medication, it made things so much better for me because I could actually deal with and handle situations better. (That was a really rough time for me.) That was a little over five years ago. When I got surprised with baby number three, I weaned off my meds. It actually went very well and I handled pregnancy a lot better this go round. When he was born, I started back on meds. I didn't breastfeed because I couldn't handle the post pregnancy hormones and my BPD. He is perfectly healthy and will be a year old in a couple of weeks.
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